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About Us

Our integrated Christian counseling non-profit organization, "Nooma Northwest Christian Counseling” provides comprehensive mental, emotional, and spiritual support to individuals seeking guidance, healing, and personal growth. We use a faith integrated approach to mental health counseling. Our core value is the integration of Christian principles throughout our services, fostering a deep connection between faith and mental health.

Greater Spokane Region Counseling


Nate and Chantel live in Spokane WA

The vision for Nooma Northwest Counseling was birthed out of a deep desire to bring hope and healing to those in our region who are in need of mental, emotional, and spiritual support. Chantel and Nate both have experienced the impact of integrative christian counseling and the transformative work that can happen with a trusted licensed Christian counselor. 

As a ministry couple Nate and Chantel also have a deep love for the local church. We share a passion to see the church be apart of a wholistic approach to counseling, spiritual formation and discipleship. With that end, we began to dream how the local church could take a practical step towards the goal of meeting these real needs inside of local churches and within our community at large. This was the birth of NOOMA NORTHWEST. A non profit ministry thats meets needs inside and outside of the church body by equipping the church and community with licensed Christian counselors to support the community wholistically. 

The word NOOMA (Pneuma) is a greek work for soul, spirit, or mostly the spirit empowerment by God. We chose this name because it speaks to the transformative work that God desires for us.

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